Monday, March 28, 2016

Top 10 Records in the Digital Collections from 2015

Yes, it is the end of March, but finally here is our Top 10 Records from the last year post!
Check out the lists from 2013 and 2014. And without further ado...

10. Unidentified Hikers Posed Near a Mountain Summit

ca. 1917

Accessed 57 times last year, this photo does actually contain some identifiable folks. Namely, Ruth and Nell Gronlund near the front. Mountain Summit not identified.

9. Oral History Transcript of Jake Jones Jr.

Accessed 86 times last year, the transcript of Jake Jones Oral History recording fell from it's #7 spot in 2014 to #9. Still a fascinating read, no matter how many times you've read it, he talks interviewer Willard Krigbaum Jr.'s ear off about nearly everything you could imagine of old Issaquah, and then some.

8.  Issaquah High School Class of 1911

(from left to right: Mary Gibson Miles, Olive Gibson Bayh, Mabel Ek Brady)

This photo of Issaquah High School's first graduating class was accessed 92 times last year. Mary Gibson, Olive Gibson, and Mabel Ek graduated in 1911; they were all 17-18 years old.

7. Photo of Janice Ott

ca. 1970s
This photo of Janice Ott held the #2 position in last year's list, however, this year it was accessed 101 times. Janice Ott was a victim of Ted Bundy's and lived in Issaquah off of Front Street near the Issaquah Press Building.

6. Fifteen Mile Mine

Front entrance to Fifteen Mile Mine, ca 1980s
This photo was accessed 118 times this year, and jumped in popularity from last year's #8 spot.

When George Weyerhaeuser was kidnapped in the 1930s, this is the mine where he was held. 

5. Schoolhouse Hill

ca. 1898

This photo was accessed 150 times last year, and depicts the first schoolhouse building in Issaquah. The schoolhouse had, at this time, 2 wings with a corridor connecting between. Pictured in front is a rather large student body of roughly 75 - many of them appear to be dressed up for the photo. This picture originally belonged to Sena Wold.

4. Labor Day Queen Arline Nikko and Her Family

Arline Nikko and Family, ca 1953
This photo was accessed 183 times last year and fell from it's 2014 spot at #3. Arline Nikko is front and center, holding hands with her future husband Floyd Hefferline. More folks can be identified by checking out the full record below.

3. Preston Mill Crew

precise date unknown - ca 1910-18
Accessed 220 times last year, this photo shows a lovely group of folks from the Preston Mill Company work crew. People are identified as:

Back row (L to R): Paul Paulson, Ole Lowell, Jessen, Thomas Lee, unknown, Mattias Hovde, unidentified, Olaf Overaa.
Front row (L to R): The cook (woman standing), Myrtle Paulson (youngest child), two unknown girls, Lindquist, Daniel Paulson, Erick Erickson

2. Grand Central Hotel

ca 1970s

Accessed 228 times in 2015, this photo of the Grand Central Hotel in downtown Issaquah dates from the 1970s. Still off Sunset you can see Rolling Log Tavern on one side and Art Burt Realty on the other.

1. Opening of New Vasa Hall in  Upper Preston

ca. 1950

And for the 3rd year in a row, never defeated, is this photo of the opening of the new Vasa Hall in Upper Preston. Accessed a whopping 359 times in 2015 it is more popular than it has ever been!

The first time we posted our top 10 records list in 2013, we mentioned that no one in the photo had been identified. Since then we've ID'd two men: Ernie Nyberg is just to right of center in the back row. Buford Ambrose is the tallest in the back row. If you know anyone else in this photo, please let us know so we can add to our record!

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